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      What makes the model PRIMO so valuable?

      This section will give you the answer to this important question.

      Timeless design

      The timeless toy design of PRIMO was developed over several years by the founder of Ambosstoys. Multiple hand-made clay models were used to build prototypes. These were then converted into metal frames by hand and refined over several rounds until the most aesthetic and visually appealing design was achieved. That final design was then 3D rendered in CAD and converted into multiple heavy iron-molds (some measure several hundred kilograms).

      The frame of PRIMO is very aesthetical and appears visually very simple. However, the manufacturing is very complex and thus is the key value adding factor of PRIMO.


      Multiple individual pieces (e.g. side-cowls, shield, nose, mudguard) are required for the whole frame. The individual frame pieces are welded by hand to form the final solid frame of PRIMO.

      PRIMO ride on toy for toddler and 1 year old boys and girls

      The finished frame is then treated, and powder coated in various colors (as shown here in Orange).

      PRIMO ride on toy for toddler and 1 year old boys and girls

      Other commercially available ride-on toys in metal use a one-piece, one-curve frame (see image below right side) and is thus quick and easy to manufacture.

      PRIMO ride on toy for toddler and 1 year old boys and girls

      In summary: Behind the appealing design of PRIMO exists a complex and labor-intensive process making every single product a little masterpiece!


      Quality and Material

      PRIMO is a quality, meaningful and valuable toy made of metal in a classic timeless design. Thus, only quality materials are used and individually tested by TuV.

      The frame is made of metal sheets:

      PRIMO frame

      The handlebar, the fork and the drive-train are hand-bended metal tubes and powder coated in grey:




       The wheels are composed of multiple parts, whitewall sides and stainless screws.

      PRIMO wheel parts

      The rims are powder coated in grey and assembled by hand:


       Solid plastic is used for the rotating parts (axes and headset):


       Most ride-on toys use a hard-plastic seat that is quick and cheap to product and very uncomfortable to sit. We use a labor-intensive manufacturing process like the one for classic motorcycles: a metal base plate, a soft cushion and artificial leather. The individual leather pieces are hand-stitched together and then pulled over the soft cushion. This assures best comfort and the ultimate classic look.

      PRIMO saddle


      Features and Details

      An aluminum trim is mounted around the leg-shield for stability, protection and vintage look:

      The tires are made by black plastic and include a white wall ring for an authentic classic look:


       The 2 rims are held together with 4 stainless-steel screws:

      The seat has a soft cushion covered with artificial leather for maximal comfort and old-fashioned look:


      The handles are made of black plastic and include a 3D print of the logo Ambosstoys:


      The nose contains the logo of Ambosstoys:


      The frame and mudguard have a 3D design line making it visually even more appealing and adds to stability.Ambosstoys_Primo__Value_story

      The packaging follows the timeless design philosophy…

      PRIMO box

      ...and is well protected during shipping:

      PRIMO protection


      In summary: You buy value when buying toys from Ambosstoys!