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      Elisha Ruesch, Dr. sc. ETH / PhD, a scientist and entrepreneur, holds a master’s in biology and a PhD in neuroscience from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. During his academic career, he founded a sporting good brand in Switzerland with a partner called penguin clothing and opened a showroom in Zurich for restored classic vehicles. After completing his PhD, he started working for Novartis in clinical research and development. Thus E. Ruesch brings the entrepreneurial spirit to Ambosstoys, the neuroscience perspective of human behavior and the vision to push a brand to the global market.

      Nguyen Nguyen holds a master’s in art from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts. After graduation, he founded and managed a restoration workshop for classic motorbikes and classic cars in partnership with Elisha Ruesch. He and his employees restored hundreds of classic motorbikes and dozens of classic cars. Hence N. Nguyen brings the design spirit to Ambosstoys, the manufacturing expertise and the knowledge of metal work.


      Elisha Ruesch and Nguyen Nguyen work together since 2000, share many passions and are brothers-in-law. Therefore, the bond between the two is multidimensional.